An Urban Fantasy Horror LARP

The Lee family traces its origins back to 15th century Korea—because they keep very detailed records. King Sejong commissioned the creation of the hangul system for writing the Korean language, and the Lee family used the promotion of education across Korea to make a name for themselves as scholars in the country and beyond, rising above their humble rural origins.

Having cultivated a natural curiosity, several scions of the Lee family became travelers, merchants, and explorers, both within the country and abroad—hiking the mountains of northern Korea, traversing the Silk Road and crossing seas by boat, making friends (and friendly rivalries… and some plain rivalries) with fellow scholars abroad, bringing back knowledge of the strange things they’d seen. In particular, they became obsessed with what they’d experienced that had never been written about before and defied explanation—and were determined to shed light on it, for the education and safety of all.

Of course, they found that not everyone—in fact, most everyone thought their important recordings were at best fanciful fictions and at worst a total sham. It was enough to disgrace some family members from the court entirely. But, both resourceful and obsessed, they learned even more skills to support their quest for knowledge, uncovering secrets many wanted to keep quiet. Eventually, some found their way to the Americas to continue their search there.

In the modern day, the Lee family produces a lot of academics of the field research variety—archaeologists, anthropologists—as well as reporters, writers, IT workers, and businesspeople. They are the type of people who arm themselves with facts.

The signature combat style of the Lee family is Ssireum (Korean wrestling), represented by the Grappling style, and respected family members may learn the Lee Initiation techniques of research and occult relics.