An Urban Fantasy Horror LARP

Over the past three months, Firewatcher cells across the country began going dark—slowly at first, and easily dismissed; they all lived dangerous lives, and it wasn’t unusual for families to need to pack up suddenly. It wasn’t unusual for hunters to die, either. But when more and more cells began disappearing, the remaining Firewatchers realized it was a pattern—and that they were being directly targeted. But with no survivors to give accounts of what was happening, the response was confused and disorganized. Only when attacks and disappearances hit a fever pitch did the call go out: that all of them were in danger, and needed to evacuate immediately—and that survivors were gathering in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles city lights sprawl far and wide. Unlike many cities, it’s more than one cell—or even a handful of cells—of Firewatchers can handle. Over the last century, the Firewatchers have dotted the landscape with safehouses, shying away from any kind of centralization. In the last few weeks, this saved them. While some were found destroyed, or having left behind ominously empty safehouses, a number of cells in the City of Angels have survived to welcome the rest of the organization’s refugees.

And so, from across the country, Firewatcher refugees uprooted their lives and remaining loved ones, and made their way to the city where they would stake their last hope. There’s still some unrest about whether it’s safe to gather at all, right now. After all, no one’s reported taking out the threat—which means it’s almost certainly still out there. They wouldn’t have long before LA’s Firewatchers, by now the last stronghold for the family, were targeted too. It would take a coordinated family effort, the likes of which hadn’t been witnessed in Firewatcher living memory, to secure a future. For many, that is precisely the reason why the survivors should gather: any stand is useless if it’s not together.