An Urban Fantasy Horror LARP

The main players in Solace are members of the Firewatchers, a self-styled organization primarily composed of three families with long, proud histories of hunting monsters. They came together from across the world to meet in America in the early 1900s and found common cause in their shared efforts to rid the world of supernatural threats.

The Colts were already here, and well-versed in the sorts of dangers one could across the frontier landscape, not only through their hunter work but also as key functionaries in the Pony Express. To this day, many of their members are expert couriers, drivers—and bureaucrats. Colts are known for their leadership in crisis situations, and for their deadeye skill with a gun.

The Lees originated in Korea, and brought their methodically-maintained research notes and family records with them. They understand that with enough foreknowledge, you can always remain one step ahead of your enemy—cunning and preparedness have allowed them to survive dangers that would have easily felled less resourceful hunters. Today they pursue varied career paths that tend to share a common appreciation of academic curiosity and well-informed problem-solving.

The Volkovs came over from Russia, and were the hardest to convince to join the coalition. They survived the harsh Russian winters and harsher Russian monsters by finding strength in an insular community of those they knew they could trust: each other. Their methods are brutal and efficient—when you meet a demon, you’d best have your knives on you and put that monster down fast. Survival is a zero-sum game and the Volkovs play it well.