An Urban Fantasy Horror LARP

During the brief operation of the Pony Express, intrepid messengers traveled lightly by horse to carry messages from the newly-established cities of the West Coast to family and businesses back east. The territory they traversed wasn’t without its dangers—aside from terrain, opportunistic bandits, and exhaustion, some of the Express riders encountered things that were… strange.

With only her revolver, her Pony Express-issue bible, and half-remembered stories from her Lakota mother to rely on for strength and solace, Alice Brown narrowly escaped the claws of some monstrous beast in the woods to tell some of her fellow riders about it. One of them was Thomas Colt, who, along with several other members of the Express, banded together to share stories of the odd things they’d encountered and keep the roads safe from them.

After the telegraph replaced the Pony Express, Alice and Thomas married—and, along with a number of their fellow former riders and friends they’d made in hunting in the wilderness, as well as Alice’s own extended family, formed a pact to continue to keep the roads of the American West safe from unknown menaces. In the modern day, those who continue the Colt legacy find themselves drawn to careers in the parks service, civic bureaucracy, highway patrol, piloting, trucking, and, yes, mail carrying.

The signature combat style of the Colt family is Firefight, and respected family members may learn Colt Initiation techniques of leadership and protection.