An Urban Fantasy Horror LARP

Each character starts with a number of boxes in their Willpower track equal to their Resolve + 5. A character’s Willpower represents her determination and her ability to go above and beyond what should be possible to achieve her goals. Each character can spend points of Willpower for a variety of benefits, and regains Willpower through interacting with their Vice or Virtue, or just naturally over time. A character regains all of their Willpower if they are able to get a full and restful sleep.

Spending Willpower

A character can cross off one of the boxes in their Willpower track, “spending” it. Certain Merits require a character to spend Willpower in order to activate the ability. In addition, any character can spend a box of Willpower to represent themselves taking extra effort or pulling some unseen force from inside them in order to augment their actions. Spending Willpower in this way adds a +3 bonus to your character’s draw, or +2 to a Resistance trait (Resolve, Stamina, Composure). You may also spend a Willpower for a +2 to your Defense for 1 turn. Characters can spend only one point of Willpower on a specific action or resistance in this way. There is no limit on the amount of different actions or resistances a character can augment though, aside from how many discrete Willpower boxes they have of course.

Low Willpower

Willpower is your character’s driving force, and when they start to run low they suffer the consequences. If they only have 3 Willpower remaining unfilled on their track, they have a -1 penalty to all their draws. For each Willpower they spend from there, they take a further -1 penalty up to a maximum of -3. So, a character with only one or zero Willpower remaining will have a -3 penalty to all their draws until they can center themselves and move forward.

Regaining Willpower

Your character recovers spent Willpower at a rate of 1 dot per night of sleep. Unless you indicate otherwise in your Downtimes, your character is assumed to get a night of sleep each in-game night between games. You can also recover Willpower during game, by creatively roleplaying situations in which your character confronts their Virtue or Vice. If a character loses control and indulges in their Vice in a moment where doing so is particularly inconvenient, or remains true to their Virtue when a compelling force urges them to discard it, you might be rewarded with regained Willpower.