An Urban Fantasy Horror LARP

Integrity is a measure of a character’s stability and ability to handle the ups and downs that life throws at them—supernatural or not. It’s measured on a scale from 1-10, where 1 is barely functional and emotionally scarred, and 10 is the picture of emotional health. Starting characters begin with Integrity 7—not in tip-top shape, but holding it together.

When characters experience psychological stress or trauma, it may constitute a breaking point. Breaking points don’t need to stem from one’s own actions—they may involve just bearing witness to a terrible event or being the victim of violence.

At a breaking point, players make a test with a pool of Resolve + Composure, with any additional modifiers from their current integrity (see chart below) or their list of situational modifiers, though modifiers should not exceed +5/-5.














Breaking Point Modifiers:

Character is protecting a loved one: +2

Character is protecting themselves: +1

Character is acting in accordance with their Virtue: +1

Character is acting in accordance with their Vice: -1

Witnessing the accidental death of a human: -1

Failing to protect a human from witnessing the supernatural: -1

Failing to protect a human from the supernatural: -2

Causing visible serious injury to a human: -2

Witnessing the murder of a human: -2

Enduring mental/emotional supernatural attack: -2

Enduring physical torture: -2

Committing torture: -3

Killing a human in self-defense: -4

Killing a human by accident (car wreck, e.g.): -4

Committing premeditated murder of a human: -5

Witnessing the supernatural outside your perception of it may be a breaking point at ST discretion, at a modifier of -1 to -5.

If the character nets at least one success, they find within themselves the ability to cope. On 5+ successes, the character is unusually able to find a way to forge meaning from the situation, and additionally gains 1 Willpower and checks their development XP box for the game. On a failure, the character’s Integrity decreases by 1.

Integrity may be regained between games with the expenditure of one (1) experience point.