An Urban Fantasy Horror LARP

You may request Equipment from the Storytellers, either from this list or comparable item(s) not represented here that would make sense for your character to have, and would afford your character some mechanical benefit (which can be worked out with the Storytellers).

You may assume your character has the regular personal effects that they could be expected to have on them, as well as things they would reasonably have for their jobs, and anything else that does not convey a mechanical benefit, even though you can have your character use it to do something in game (ex: your character can research something on their phone). Other items you can assume your character already has include items associated with a Merit you have purchased, and items you could readily buy at a convenience store.


Automotive tools, garage +2 N/A Auto shop garage tools.
Automotive tools, kit +1 2 Automotive toolkit.
Cache +1 to +3 1-5 • to ••• Hidden compartment for concealing items.
Code kit +5 2 Cypher or cryptographic system.
Communications headset +2 1 •• Headsets, phones, or other devices for wireless coordination.
Cracking software +2 N/A ••• Effective, up-to-date exploit package.
Crime scene kit +2 3 •• Forensic tools for handling evidence.
Digital recorder +1 to +2 1 • to •• Small clandestine recording devices.
First-aid kit +0 to +1 2 • to •• Equipment for treating wounds.
Glowstick +2 1 Illuminates broadly.
GPS tracker +3 2 •• Tracks GPS signals.
Keylogging software +2 N/A •• Spies on user input.
Luminol +2 1 Visibly reacts to various bodily chemicals.
Multitool +1 1 Small, versatile collection of tools.
Special computer +1 to +4 3 • to •••• Stores data, browses the internet, runs Minecraft.
Special effects +2 5 ••• Magician’s gimmicks, staged illusions, smoke and mirrors.
Surveillance equipment +2 2 ••• Camera rigs and motion detectors.
Survival gear +1 or +2 2 or 3 • or ••• Shelter and provisions for braving the elements.
Talcum powder +2 1 To dust for clues, you first need dust.
Ultraviolet ink +2 1 For recording secret messages.


Battering ram +4 4 •• Good for ramming, battering.
Bear trap +2 2 •• Serrated pressure traps.
Caltrops +2 2 •• Make terrain precarious and stabby.
Camouflage clothing +2 2 •• Conceals the wearer through disruptive patterns.
Climbing gear +2 2 •• Ropes, hooks, pulleys, and other scaling tools.
Crowbar +2 2 Pries heavy things apart.
Firearm suppressor +2 1 •• Evens a bullet’s flight and muddles the flash and report.
Gas mask +5 2 •• Filters airborne toxins.
Handcuffs +2 1 Powerful hand and arm restraints.
Lockpick, digital +2 1 or 2 ••• Tricks a particular type of digital lock, such as hotel keycard readers.
Lockpick, kit +2 2 •• An array of rods and picks to undo mechanical locks.
Night vision goggles +2 2 •• Clarifies low-light conditions.
Pepper spray +1 1 Chemical agents used to stun with acute pain.
Rope +1 3 For tying around things.
Slick +2 N/A •• Fluid coatings to reduce traction and make terrain slippery.
Stun gun +0 1 • to ••• Delivers dangerous incapacitating electric shocks through exposed leads or wired darts.


Contraband +1 to +5 2 to 4 • to ••••• Illegal barter such as controlled drugs or banned weapons.
Disguise +1 to +3 3 • to ••• Dress to infiltrate. Please specify the disguise.