An Urban Fantasy Horror LARP

As characters progress in their stories, they grow and change. One of the ways that Solace reflects this is through the Character Advancement system.


At the end of each game, characters gain 2 Experience Points (XP). Players submit their XP expenditures by editing their character’s sheet in the character system.


The following is a list of XP costs in Solace. As a note, these are flat costs–it takes the same amount of XP to raise a Skill from 0 ranks to 3 ranks (6XP) as it does to raise from 2 ranks to 5 ranks (6XP). The same is true for Merits that have variable costs, and Attributes.

Merits: 1XP per rank

Skills: 2XP per rank

Attributes: 3XP per rank


In addition, players can remove parts of their character’s mechanical build in between games. For the first two games–so after Game 1 and after Game 2–players may move build points around if they feel that their current build is not letting them contribute to the plots they are interested in, or otherwise just doesn’t feel satisfying to play. This will still be subject to Storyteller approval, but will not require strict in-character justification.

At any point between games, players can transfer ranks if something happens to their character that causes them to lose something represented mechanically on their character sheet, or if something happens that would give or improve other abilities that the player wishes to transfer some other points into. Removing those elements gives the player XP back as per the costs above, and any request to transfer ranks requires emailing the ST team with a brief justification or explanation. Players can spend their character’s newly gained XP as usual.


Characters will have the opportunity to earn “beats,” or fractional experience, for leaning into character flaws and conditions, and for taking on more problems by taking an Exceptional failure instead of a standard failure. When the player base as a whole earns 100 beats, all player characters will get 1XP extra.