An Urban Fantasy Horror LARP

Our mini-pitch deadline for players intending to play the first game is March 3, 2019. Email them to us at!

Mini-pitches are an informal summary of what kind of character idea you’ve got in your head. We’re looking for a couple sentences about your elevator pitch, plus a list of any character relationships you’ve already established with other players, or any further ones you’d like some help in setting up. If you’ve got an idea of what kinds of mechanics you’re gravitating toward, give us an overview of that, too (no numbers required; “I want to play someone who is good at research and also at decking anyone who gets in the way of her and a book” is also 100% valid.

Here’s an example of what you might write:

“I want to play a 20-something Lee based in LA who works at an independent bookstore with a wide occult section, most of which is nonsense but some of which is very useful for those in the know. I want them to have some PC connections related to the bookstore–coworkers, frequent customers, etc., some parents they’re estranged from, and also an older sibling who they strongly admire and measure themselves against that person’s great successes on the battlefield. This character will have a large amount of academics and occult, a bit of computers and persuasion through their work skills, Eye for the Strange and Encyclopedic Knowledge for their occult learnings, and also Crack Driver and a fair amount of drive because they’re really good at getting around on their motorcycle.”

This is intended to be a conversation-starter rather than an etching in stone, so don’t worry too much about finalizing anything! We’re excited to hear what you’re thinking of.