An Urban Fantasy Horror LARP

Alex/Lexi Lee

Full Name: Alexander Joseph Lee. 28 years old. Was "Alex" from a young age, then, in his late teens, started signing some emails "Lexi." If your character has ever asked about this, Alex would say that some days he's Alex, and some days he's Lexi, and it's, like, an energy thing. If your character found this confusing, Alex told them not to worry about it.

(If your character's the type who would ask/remember: when he's Alex, he/him pronouns; when they're Lexi, they/them.)

Alex found his niche as a Firewatcher in the study of rituals, the methods by which humans either commune with or become monsters. Outside of that, he's avoided taking a more 'traditional' hunter profession by gaining notoriety as an electronic musician and DJ. He mixes and performs music under the pseudonym T4rØt, and takes advantage of the EDM scene's willingness to accept anonymous performers. Whenever Alex/Lexi appears in public as T4rØt, he's/they're covered head-to-toe and wearing a mask.

Alice Lee

"People, when they come to you about their house being haunted, they want to keep living in that house when it's over. That's not how it works."

Alice Lee is a specialist in intangible monsters - haunted houses, strange phenomenon, navigational anomalies. She's notable for taking a strong hand with these phenomenon - if a house is haunted, burn it down. This has made her unpopular with some segments of the Lee family. Alice is hands on, blunt, and devoted.

Alphonsus Frederick “Fred” Colt

A. Fred Colt saved the world in 1978 with a revolver. Ever since then, he's been known among the greater Firewatcher community as the 'Hero of the Slaughterville Hungry Mass,' the leader (and sole survivor) of a group who heroically sacrificed themselves to stop an entity that would have consumed all life on Earth. A prominent member of the Colt family ever since, although based in Nevada where his family lives, Fred has been roaming around from cell to cell lending his famous and storied gun smarts to help end local problems. He's called on less and less as time goes on, but his harrowing stories and homespun charm make him welcome guest whenever he shows up. Father to Derek and Russ Colt and, (as just recently discovered,) stepfather to Lonnie Colt.

Amoxtli Rojas-Colt

I specialize in the ol stab and stitch

The Las Vegas Colt that punches and stitches folks up in equal measure for a living. Always ready and willing, and enthusiastic for a hunt. But less so for things like small talk or feelings. 

Becky Volkov

[silence, then KNIFE] - [texts u h3llo! ;D]

Knife daughter extraordinaire, Becky is a 24yr old internet lurker & fangirl, who goes all in when people ask her to.

Hit: Killing Monsters
Miss: Making Plans

Cecily Underwood-Lee

"I'm not that kind of accountant."

Cecily Underwood-Lee, forensic accountant by training, investigator by profession, monster-hunter by vocation, West Ham United fan by birth.  

Chuck Rivera

Charles "Chuck" Rivera is a 40-something small business owner and entrepreneur born and raised in San Diego. Chuck is the co-founder of Mastery MMA and Fitness gyms, with three locations in the Southern California region (one in San Diego, two in the greater Los Angeles area). Chuck has some minor fame for those who keep up with the mixed-martial arts scene, having been a semi-successful fighter in 2001-2006 under the moniker of Chuck "The Pitbull" Rivera, with his gyms turning out some of SoCal's top MMA fighters of today.

Within the Firewatcher circles, Chuck is known to be part of the Lee family, though not a prominent member of it. Since the start of his gym, he has had a standing agreement with the Firewatchers: If anyone needs to learn hand-to-hand combat, they can arrange things with him and lessons will be half-off. Anyone from the Lee family though knows that they can sign up for private sessions only available to them.

Darlene Colt

"May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I wont."

Cold, old, and loyal, Darlene is a woman of few words and many bullets. Those who know her well are either under her protection (whether they know it, want it, or not,) or are dead. There is really no in-between. She sells the best edibles in town.

Derek Colt

Nothing is certain.

What Derek Colt lacks in combat ability, he more than makes up for in leadership, logistics, and medical expertise. An accomplished trauma surgeon by day with a long track record of saving Firewatcher's lives on the hunt, Derek is well regarded among the hunter families.

Dr. Lonnie Colt

I don't give a fuck, just tell me how it hurts people.

Dr. Lonnie Colt is a recently rediscovered member of the Colt family, after having been raised by her non-hunter grandparents. She's a psychiatrist from Colorado Springs, who only just learned that her childhood memories of the supernatural world were true all along.

Jared Colt

I gave up my shot at a normal life for this, you're goddamn right I take it seriously

A suburban man in his mid 40s, Jared spends his days doing his regular duties as a DFCS agent while also keeping tabs on orphans of Firewatcher families, child witnesses/orphans of Firewatcher missions, and any supernatural related anomalies in the orphans. On hunts, he is a self described "combat enthusiast", putting his firearm hobby to use and working off the frustrations of a suburban office worker.

Jennifer Lee

Of course it doesn't stop hurting. If it did, life would be fair. Now, what is it you need?

Jennifer Lee has spent most of her life looking like the perfect outcome of "what are they doing now?" for the high school valedictorian she was.  She had a challenging and powerful career, a family of her own, and behind the scenes, the satisfaction of arranging the acquisition and delivery of artifacts for the hunter families, all with the relative safety of not physically fighting on the front lines.  Now all of that is gone, and she has come to LA, not just because every war requires logistical support, but because her complacency cost her everything, and she's going to get back as much as she can.  Jenn is a go-to for any "aboveboard" type needs, such as shelter, food, and connections to resources like medical care.

L. Whitney Volkov

I guess it's not a grappling 'hook' per-se, but this way you have the option of just shooting it at the thing, so it's dual-purpose. Oh, and watch out, that propellant's triple-purpose, I guess.

Since losing a leg on a hunt 12 years back, Whitney has been mostly known for making gear and weapons for Firewatchers throughout the southwest. Whitney is member of the somewhat insular branch of Mormon Firewatchers that were based around Salt Lake City, meeting with other branches of the families primarily during mission trips. He was assumed dead when the hunters in Salt Lake City went dark a little over a month ago, but recently made contact with the LA Volkovs.

Malka Volkov

It is not for you to complete the work nor are you free to desist from it

Malka Volkov recently moved to LA where she and her husband have set up a kosher butcher shop/deli. On the surface she seems like your usual NYC east coast transplant. But among the Firewatchers, Malka is known as one of the elders of the Volkov family. She made a name for herself as a young hunter and as she's grown older took on more of a mentoring role, including working at various summer camps training the next generation. 

Max Diaz

"I don't do that any more..."

No one really knows what went wrong.  In the early 2000s, everyone expected Max to be the next great leader of the Colt Family.  A star student at Jeff Colt's Miami Boot Camp, she showed more promise than most of her generation.  Which made it all the more disappointing when, in her late teens, she up and left the camp in the middle of the night.  For years, no one heard of Max, until she turned up, doing stunt work and backup dancer routines in Los Angeles.  And then, in 2016, her star rose in an unexpected way, when she was named a replacement backup singer for the band, Dina and the Starlights, a popular group for teenagers.  It seems that she's given up hunting.  Or has she?  There's a story there, but whatever it is, Max isn't telling.  And neither are her Colt cousins.

Myra Volkov

"It doesn't count unless you get their blood on you."

Myra Volkov is a proud Volkov, and mother to 3 children. She runs Wolf Locks & Tools, a locksmith and hardware store in LA. Myra is a licensed Locksmith, but that doesn't stop her from doing some extra-legal hobbies. She can sometimes be a bit rough around the edges, but is always there in a crisis. If you need a job, a place to crash, or just a hug, then Myra will do the best she can to help. But if someone has hurt you? Then Myra will help you make them pay...

Nancy “Auntie Anders” Anders-Lee


Retired Park Ranger from Maine. Has spent over three decades as a hunter in the wilderness. An expert tracker and able to take down smaller monsters alone and unarmed. Has a dog, Duke.

Quentin Underwood-Lee

That doesn't belong in a museum!

Quentin is the youngest generation of the Underwood-Lees, a family within the Lee family that has been responsible for the Los Angeles Reliquary, the vault of Lee family relics kept out of irresponsible hands for generations.  Quentin has spent the last decade in the field of relic acquisition, buying when possible, stealing when necessary, which has had him travelling the world, but now, he is taking up the family responsibilities with the loss of his father and grandmother.  

Russ David Colt

I'm a cowboy. On a steel horse I ride. I've got the night on my side. Wanted dead or alive.

Russ David Colt, of the Nevada Colts, has never been the sharpest, but that hasn't slowed him down much. He loves poker, his guns, his motorcycle, domestic beer, and his family. He believes a man is only as good as his word, and that there are very few problems that can't be solved with either a bullet or a fist. 

Stevie Volkov

"If you're going to tell them everything, tell them I'm a good kisser."

A heart breaker. Wild child. Wanderer. Stevie has a reputation for being damn good at what she does (weaseling out type 3 monsters and psychometry) but everybody who knows her knows she's unreliable and flighty and won't stick around after a job is done. 

Susannah Colt

The way I see it, you can spend your life memorizing a bunch of facts about what kills what, or you can approach everything that crosses you with overwhelming force, then get back to living your life.

Either the best or worst the Colts have to offer, depending on who you ask. Susannah got started young and made a name for herself by going after big, risky hunts, shooting fast and often, and not caring what got in the way. In her free time she's a moderately successful violinist, playing strange, loopy music to small but appreciative venues. Tends to keep to herself.

Tennessee Colt

"No one fucks with my people."

Theodore Logan

"Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe go fuck yourself"

Theodore Logan is a former bike messenger from New York.  Born and raised in Brooklyn, Theodore was frequently used to send messages between Fire Watcher Cells in New York.  Slow to trust and fiercely loyal, he's been a hunting since the age of 13.

Travis Volkov

"Be wary of funeral homes that do deliveries, and butcher shops that do pick-ups." Also, "Colts are the sound, alright, but Volkovs are the fury."

Travis Volkov is 53, married to Malka Volkov, and has three grown hunter children (who they haven't heard from since the Massacre began.) Despite being born to a proud Colt family, he married into the Volkovs some 25-30 years ago and has risen to near their highest rungs. He's deadly with a blade, enthusiastic on the guitar, and runs a local kosher butchery (and monster disposal shop) with Malka.

Washington Colt

Washington Colt - Survivalist Monster Hunter

Washington Colt is a wanderer at heart. Since the age of 18, he's lived on the open road, criss-crossing the American heartland on his trusty motorcycle. Hunting monsters is his full-time job; Though he hails from LA (where his twin sibling, Tennessee Colt, still resides) he lives off the grid, sleeping under trees, in fields, or in the occasional safe-house. He is a lone-wolf hunter, and specializes in pursuit predation, firearms, and laying deadly traps for his prey.