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03-22-19 – Character Creation Reminder and Lore Update

March 23, 2019

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Hello players!

First–this is your reminder that character applications are due Sunday, March 24 at 11:59pm. Let us know if you have any questions or need assistance!

Second–we want to share with you a timeline of events that comprise the Calamity. This isn’t everything that befell the Firewatchers in the 5-month span covered (if you have come up with key backstory events your character experienced, this shouldn’t serve to erase them), but it’s a collection of events recorded and pieced together by surviving family. While it’s up to you how much of this email your character actually knows, none of it is secret information from a player perspective. Also, feel free to incorporate any of this into your character’s backstory if it makes sense or inspires you! (If you have already submitted your character, let us know if you would like to make any edits.)


Calamity Timeline, as recorded by those who investigated, those who arrived on the scene to witness the aftermath, and those who survived:

  • Approximately 5 months ago: A handful of minor cells go dark, including Boise, ID; Lincoln, NB; and Charleston, WV.
  • Approximately 4 months ago: A group of Firewatchers from Oklahoma go to check on the silent Nebraska cell. They don’t return, but frantic voicemails and hastily-spelled texts show up on the phones of their emergency contacts days after they were sent.
  • 4 months ago: The Cleveland cell is forced to suspend operations due to increased police activity and heightened scrutiny.
  • 3 months ago: The Minneapolis cell has to move outside of the city due to sudden, inexplicable water damage and the condemnation of their building.
  • 3 months ago: The restaurant that acted as a front for the Eau Claire cell is shut down by health inspectors.
  • 3 months ago: More cells–including northern Missouri, southeast Texas, Iowa–go dark.
  • 3 months ago: The only remaining sign of the Duluth cell is a disturbing voicemail from the cell leader to her cousin.
  • 2 months ago: Cleveland goes dark. So does Eau Claire.
  • 2 months ago: Firewatchers based in Calgary, AB go to visit the neighboring Edmonton cell at the latter’s invitation. They vanish. Edmonton denies having ever sent an invitation. A week later, the Edmonton cell is gone too.
  • 2 months ago: Several cells in Montana disappear. The Wyoming group, acting out of paranoia, contacts the Boulder cell to say they’re heading underground and plan to meet up with them. They never make it.
  • 2 months ago: The Chicago cell has several of its support businesses closed or placed under investigation in rapid succession.
  • 1.5 months ago: The leader of the Minneapolis cell dies in a car crash. When police go to inform the next of kin, the house is abandoned.
  • 1.5 months ago: A Lee psychometric from Madison goes to look into Eau Claire; they get a strong sense of panic and fear, and followed by pain. After communicating this via radio to the rest of their cell, they get back on the road. Their last known location is at the rest stop their car was towed from.
  • 1.5 months ago: Police activity becomes more and more frequent in the areas where Chicago Firewatchers are most active in their hunts.
  • 1 month ago: The Chicago group has retreated to its most secure safehouse. The safehouse experiences a sudden gas leak, and a fire breaks out. The leader, an actual firefighter, calls for backup; final communications indicate that monsters came instead of firefighters.
  • 1 month ago: Widespread panic sets in across all remaining cells, and lines of communication begin to degrade.
  • 1 month ago: The Florida Everglades cell is destroyed—it’s unclear whether it was from their own idiocy or monsters.
  • 1 month ago: Cells start going dark en masse. Most of the Midwest vanishes.
  • Now: Game 1


We look forward to seeing all of your character submissions; you’ve all put in some great work creating the world of Solace with us! We’re excited to have everyone in our game, which begins the evening of Saturday, April 13, at About Face Theatre!