An Urban Fantasy Horror LARP

Welcome to SOLACE!

January 30, 2019

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Solace is a Chronicles of Darkness urban fantasy Hunter LARP. Characters are members of one of three families that banded together to form the Firewatchers, an organization dedicated to fighting the monsters that lurk beneath the surface of our world, and to making sure that knowledge of these supernatural threats stays limited to only those who dirty their hands with cleaning them up. Firewatcher cells have operated across the U.S. for decades, but recently, your numbers have been decimated by the worst attack to date, and all remaining Firewatchers have been called to the last remaining uncompromised location they know of—Los Angeles. Whether you were there already or you made your way over, you have gathered with the remains of your family—from those you have fought alongside for years, to those you never knew existed—to lick your wounds, mourn the fallen, and ultimately regroup and get back to doing what you have always done: keeping people safe and putting down monsters.

I think I might be interested in playing. What next?

If you received our invitation and think you might be interested, we encourage you to sign up for our mailing list. Updates will also be posted on our website, linked above. You can also join our Discord, if you want!

If you were referred to Solace by a friend, make sure they’ve asked to add you to our invite list so we can be in touch. We’d prefer to run Solace for a maximum of 35 players to ensure the level of Storyteller attention we expect players to need, but right now there’s no need to commit to anything!